Data composition and table-wise data download

In total, we have four omics datasets with associated metadata. All the experimental data and metadata storage is managed using the RDBMS database. The Understand the data page explains the database schema. We recommend using CMI-PB API or the uniform resource identifier (URI) format i.e., https://www.cmi-pb.org/api/<table_name> to download data for each table. Alternatively, table-wise data can be downloaded directly using following URIs.

A.) Experimental data tables
Table Description SubjectsSamples API endpoint
Subject information118   subject
Specimen information 939   specimen
Antibody titer data 112 829   plasma_ab_titer
Gene expression data 93507   pbmc_gene_ expression
Plasma cytokine data 75406   plasma cytokine concentration
Cell frequency data 74414   pbmc_cell_frequency
B.) Supplementary data tables
Table Description Features API endpoint
cell type gating information  52   cell_type
geneEnsembl gene id mapping     gene
transcriptEnsembl transcript id mapping     transcript
proteinEnsembl protein id mapping     protein
olink_prot_infoOLINK-UNIPROT id mapping     olink_prot_info
If you still find issues while accessing the data, write us at our solutions center to get them resolve.

Application programming interface

CMI-PB API works with simple, human-readable URIs ('REST' = Representational State Transfer'). These can be used to resolve and to map identifiers in CMI-PB, and to directly fetch networks and other data items in a number of formats. For more details, please refer to the API documentation which you can find in the developer section of help pages.

Database API Version History

Version Date URI Content
4.1 Feb 2024 https://www.cmi-pb.org/docs/api/v4_1/ The current version of database
4.0 Sept 2023 https://www.cmi-pb.org/docs/api/v4/ Forth version of database
3.0 Oct 2022 https://www.cmi-pb.org/docs/api/v3/ Third version of database
2.0 Oct 2021 https://www.cmi-pb.org/docs/api/v2/ Second version of database
1.0 Aug 2020 https://www.cmi-pb.org/docs/api/v1/ First version of database